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Once upon a time, a language teacher, frustrated by the lack of material to help students truly improve their listening skills, started designing small exercises. Book or website? The answer was easy and that’s how Ecoutez Bien was born.


Ecoutez Bien is a website dedicated to students wishing to improve their French language, in particular their listening skills.

The students enrolled on Ecoutez Bien practise their French through units centered around one theme or topic. Each unit provides a revision of the most common expressions and 10 exercises of increasing difficulty.

Full script, script translation and detailed solutions are provided for each exercise. Cultural elements relating to French (or Francophone) life are highlighted throughout the units in Cultural Notes. Students are encouraged to discover a new listening technique in each exercise and improve their note taking skills.

Who are we?

The Ecoutez Bien website is the product of Language Tub.

Emilie, the pedagogical director, is a native French speaker teaching in Melbourne, Australia. Emilie has worked in a number of settings : she was a language assistant with the Department of Education, a full-time French teacher in co-ed and single sex schools, and she also taught English to adults in France. Emilie has a Licence d’Anglais LCE (eq. Bachelor of Arts), a Graduate Diploma in Education and a Master of Education. A member of the Association of French Teachers in Victoria for many years, Emilie held the position of President in 2011 and 2012, and is currently Treasurer of the association.

Alex, the technical director, is a native English speaker who thought he couldn’t speak any other language until he was convinced otherwise! A teacher of Science and Chemistry Alex loves including technology in his teaching to engage and challenge his students. Alex has a passion for teaching ESL students and encouraging girls to study Science. Alex has a Bachelor of Science with Honours and a Master of Technology.

The aims of Ecoutez Bien

Be simple and effective.
Be affordable.
Provide snapshots of life in modern France and other French-speaking countries.
Improve learners’ language abilities, in particular listening skills.
Increase intercultural awareness.

Our philosophy

Everyone can learn a language, at any time of their life.
Everyone benefits from learning a language.
Learning a language should be accessible to everyone.